A layer above the web

Find, review and share

Discovery Layer

Webwrap helps you follow people you trust, discover new places and find sites and content you like

Social Layer

Webwrap allows you to chat, share and go places with your friends and community

Credibility Layer

Webwrap adds credibility to the content you consume and share. It helps you gain trust or maybe conquer fake news.


Discovery image

Follow Opinion Leaders

Who do I follow?  Who do I trust? Who is the expert?

Join Friends and Community

Where are my friends going? What are they doing? What do they think and what are they talking about?

Find Like-Minds

Where do people like me go to? Our AI-based engine will help you find people like you and let you see what they see and who they trust


Credibility image

Is the Internet broken?

Can you trust the media? What is fake? Is it the time to return trust to our online communities?

Identify and fight Fake News

Fake news are the pandemia of our current times. Webwrap will allow you to use the power of your community to fight fake stories

Can money buy ranking?

Customers have lost trust in commercial sites and rankings. Webwrap will return ranking to to hands of our community you trust


Social image

Webwrap walks with you

You don’t come to Webwrap. We are not a site. Webwrap walk with you to any site or URL you go to. And you are not alone. Your friends always join you

All in one

Like Reddit™ + Yelp™ + Twitter™ + Trip Advisor™ . Especially made by your friends  for every URL!


Your smartphone, your desktop. Your browser or our unique app. We are always with you.



March 23, 2020


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