How to Use WebWrap

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  1. Using WebWrap with no installation
  2. You may just use a browser on any platform without installing anything. Just click here and log in with your Facebook, Gmail or email.

    With WebWrap you can:
    • Read everything anyone has ever written. You can also add reviews to existing page Wraps others have created
    • If you wish to Wrap a page no one ever did before, just copy the URL of that page and paste it in the WebWrap search field and hit “enter”Search area
  3. Installing WebWrap
  4. A much better experience will be to install our browser extension on a desktop or our Android application.Both create new Wraps automatically if it doesn’t exist, or open a Wrap others already created.

    Browser extension: From your Chrome, Edge or Opera browser simply go to this link. To use: From the extension: On any web page

    Just click our icon on the top rightWebwrap icon img

    Android:On your phone click hereAndroid applicationor search the Play store.

    To use: Allow the floater. From any Chrome mobile web page, click the floater.Floater

Connect and Review

Rank & Review

Tabs img

Click on

Your Review Img

Set your grading, 1 to 5 hearts, insert a title and write your review.

Review Body Img

In a few topic-specific sites, like streaming entertainment, you can also rank subcategories:

Rank Subcategories Img

Or food:

Rank Food Img

More topics – specific sliders will be added from time to time.

You can then add a picture or a short (up to 10 seconds) video review

On mobile, you can simply use the phone camera to take a picture or a short video. Once done editing your review, click

Other functions available for a review:

Read or add a reply to any review by pressing the “talk” icon

Mark a review as useful by clicking the thumb-up. If there are prior users who replied to a review or thumbbed up, you will see a counter.

Sharing: You can forward a review you like to others by clicking the fork near the review titleor you can share someone else’s review on your on wall: click the recycle icon.

Sharing with friends that are not your followers yet: You may one-click-share to other social networks, or can copy the unique invite code and paste it anywhere you wish.

Clicking any fork icon anywhere opens the forwarding window:

The invite code tells us who sent the invitation (you) and what the invitation is for. There are three types of invitations: to read a single review, to read an entire page Wrap, or to your own personal wall at Webwrap.

Side menu for each review and chat line:

You can follow the author and get notified whenever he or she writes a new review.

Reporting a review as inappropriate: If you feel a review is not wholesome and family friendly, you can do something about it.

Filtering reviews: There are two filtering abilities: general, in your settings you may choose to exclude flagged reviews by other users.

Sorting: You may sort the current Wrap reviews .


This is a general chat and talk back space for topics that are not a review of the underlying page. Write anything you want. If someone happens to be on the same website, in any of its pages, they will see your chat and may reply.


Expand is a place to add information about the underlying Wrapped page. You may include anything relevant to that page, like more information about a product or service, a picture related, and links to other websites that may enhance the content of the page you are Wrapping. Examples: For a movie, you may expand by linking to the actors’ websites, other sites with reviews of that movie, a fun page of a series, an interview with the director.

More Functions

Open underlying Wrapped page:

From any Wrap you can open the underlying page by clicking on the page title

Edit a review:

You can always edit your prior review:

Delete a reply:

You may delete your reply to someone else’s review:

Follow a person:

You may follow anyone by clicking the + sign near their avatar

Follow a Wrap: You can bookmark a Wrap and it will notify you whenever anyone is adding anything to it

Open any user wall:

by clicking on their avatar anywhere. Including your own wall.



There are two distinct searches: one, inside a Wrap, finding a word or a phrase in the review:

The second is a general search. You may look for a user (by name or email) or any Wrap of any page in the system. This search will be getting more sophisticated in the future.


There are many types of notifications in the system. A reply to your reviews. A new review from someone you follow. A new friend you invited just logged in. A new review on a Wrap you bookmarked. Someone shared your review, and so on.


You can choose between dark and light mode, filter out certain reviews (more filters will be available soon), you may filter by only viewing your followed friends, or by a friend of a friend or everyone; and by a credibility score of any other user . A credibility score is taking into account how many reviews each person writes, how many thumbs up they got, how many followers they have etc.

You can also set how often you would like to receive a notification email.

You can change your avatar and your one-line description

Log in

Press on this icon. Warning: Some ad blockers will not let you use the third-party login management we use called Auth0. If nothing happens when you click, try to disable your ad blocker for our page.

Log out

From your setup, you can log out.