Are you an influencer or maybe just want to make some money? Do you have social media followers?  WebWrap is a new social media platform that is looking for people like you to help us build our community.

WebWrap is a new way to review anything and share it with anyone.  You can post all of your reviews your WebWrap landing page.  Your followers no longer have to go to individual websites to find out what you think.  Simply “wrap” over any web page, write a review, post photos, videos, and links.  Then share your thoughts with your followers, it’s that simple!

What to wrap: Anything on Netflix, Amazon, Current events, all news outlets, review people even if you are blocked! Join us and help us revolutionize reviews.

Measure and promote your influence

Followers – How many are following you

Following – How many are you following

Invited – How many have you invited to Webwrap

Reviews – How many Reviews you have created

Thumb ups – How many you got

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